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1. Högg, Thomas Efficient range and image data processing - algorithms and software paradigms (2017) Dissertation
2. Schumacher, Matthaeus Model-based estimation of missing facial structures in 2D and 3D (2017) Dissertation
3. Shahlaei, Davoud Single-image inverse lighting of faces with a virtual light stage (2017) Dissertation
4. Khaled, Sailan Speed control of autonomous amphibious vehicles (2017) Dissertation
5. Zukić, Dženan An efficient inflation method for segmentation of medical 3D images (2015) Dissertation
6. Kuhnert, Lars Kooperative autonome Exploration in der Außenbereichsrobotik (2015) Dissertation
7. Keller, Maik Real-time simulation of time-of-flight sensors and accumulation of range camera data (2015) Dissertation
8. Orthmann, Jens Efficient SPH-based simulation and rendering of fluid transport dynamics (2014) Dissertation
9. Banf, Michael Auditory image understanding for the visually impaired based on a modular computer vision sonification model (2013) Dissertation
10. Schwaneberg, Oliver Concept, system design, evaluation and safety requirements for a multispectral sensor (2013) Dissertation
Ergebnis 1 - 10 von 13  1   2  Vorwärts   Gehe zu Seite
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